YouTube vs. Vine: Which is Better for Your Business?


We’ve reached a point where simple photographs are no longer good enough to sustain a business alone in terms of entertaining and interacting with a target audience. And why should it? When you consider everyday technology today – computers, smartphones, cameras, apps… why limit your resources? We do suggest, however, that while you should invest in many different technological resources, you invest in the right ones. So, when it comes to video, there’s Vine and there’s YouTube. What’s better for your business?

YouTube and Business

By now, most people are familiar with YouTube, the world wide web’s massive database for videos. YouTube is a platform that anyone with Internet can access for free, it’s the platform that has been responsible for the term “viral videos”, and it’s the platform that has singlehandedly (sometimes accidentally) made the everyday, average civilian, completely famous. All that being said… why not use it for business? There are obvious benefits to YouTube in terms of popularity and wealth of content, but significant drawbacks as well.

The drawbacks? It’s vastly overwhelming when you consider the amount of content available, and much of the content available (in terms of business) is average at best. Your “how-to” video will inevitably sit amongst hundreds of other videos just like it, so you’ll need to stand out in a major way. Another drawback lies in the fact that sometimes you end up rummaging through minutes of (boring) content to get to the point, and frankly viewers are deciding more and more that they simply don’t want to do that – or as one YouTube video star put it: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Vine and Business

Heard of Vine? Chances are most of you have, though it hasn’t gotten as much attention over the years as YouTube has. Vine is Twitter’s video app for iPhone that allows you to take multiple shots, stringing them together for a six second video that’s out there for the world to see. Ease of use is a highlight: to shoot multiple scenes, you just press a finger on the screen to record, remove the finger to pause, press to record, etcetera… you can do as many in six seconds as your little heart desires.

It’s a great tool for how to videos, creative composition, “peak” moments in life, and other fun things. As far as a business? The main appeal is that it accomplishes so much in a very small amount of time. If you can compress your message down to six seconds and put it out there for the world to see, people will watch it; people don’t mind six seconds like they mind six minutes.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide which platform is better for you, you may want to consider the business and your audience. Are you a master chef who’s wanting to start your cooking class business, or are you a restaurant owner wanting to promote your latest creation? The chef who’s wanting to start cooking classes might benefit from a more extensive video, where he can walk audiences through creating the perfect roux, taking the time he needs for explanation (and building his credibility).

The restaurant owner who’s proud of his latest sweet potato enchiladas? He might do a 6 second vine that details the entree as it’s being made, or as it’s being eaten, since that’s all that really matters. Ask yourself the question: can my message be shortened or do people need to hear the long version? If it can be shortened, do it; always act intentionally, and you’ll find that you’ll probably wind up making the right decision as far as which method is better. But if you choose YouTube, you better be able to make that video stand out in a crowd.

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