Yoga is Not Just a Hobby – Three Mind-boggling Facts that Prove So


Yoga has been around for about 5000 years, it is proven to be very effective in making us lead a healthy life. Yoga affects both our physical and mental health and you don’t have to be a yoga expert to enjoy these benefits. Adding simple poses to everyday schedule can bring a world of changes, these changes have been backed by science too. Let’s take a look at some the mind boggling facts about yoga.

1) Boosting immunity

Yoga has a great number of benefits but boosting immunity by changing gene expression is a surprising one. To think that striking some poses can actually change your gene expression is mind boggling. IT was recently found in a Norwegian study that the immunity is boosted at a cellular level. And surprisingly it doesn’t take a lot of time to reap those benefits.

2) Sleeping better

I think this comes as a boon to many of us in the present world, as many people tend to suffer from insomnia and has to depend on pills for getting some much needed sleep. This problem can be blamed at our busy work schedule and the tension that arises with it. Doing yoga has proven to decrease fatigue in people along with improving the quality of sleep. This is mainly down to the fact that yoga can effectively deal with stress.

3) Keeping you physically healthy

One of the key aspects of yoga keeping us physically healthy is by controlling the food cravings. Sometimes it’s the emotional imbalances that we fail to control that make us eat in an unhealthy manner. Binge eating is one of those problems, which can cause obesity. Yoga by using the breathing techniques calms us down and helps us make better choices.


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