Why You’re Loading your Dishwasher All Wrong


Dish washing itself is the bane of the chore list. The dishes never seem to end as plates, cups, dishes, and silverware start to pile up. The dishwasher has saved many people from having to spend twenty minutes washing a sink full of dishes. What happens when the dishwasher stops working effectively?

You don’t have to be Tony Stark to figure out how to get your dishwasher working again. The truth is, you might actually be loading up your dishwasher the wrong way.

Rinsing the Dishes Off

People are usually torn on this fact of life when it comes to dishwashers. Fully rinse the plates when you’re throwing them into the dishwasher or just toss them in the second you’re done eating? You don’t have to completely rinse the dishes before transferring them to the dishwasher. You should scrape off larger food items before placing your dishes in the dishwasher. When you don’t have enough dishes to run the dishwasher the same day, you may want to completely rinse your dishes.

Placing Dishes on the Top Rack

Never place dishes on the top rack, no matter how tempting. Dishes should only go on the bottom rack since the rack is designed to hold them. The tines are designed in a way to hold the maximum amount of dishes with enough space in between to allow the water to pass through during the cleaning process. When you cram plates into spaces not designed for them, it can affect how the other items in the dishwasher are cleaned.

Dishware Pieces Facing the Same Direction

You probably like to keep your dishwasher organized when you’re loading it up for a cleaning cycle. This makes it easier to take the dishes out and put them away after they’re done cleaning. When you want a completely thorough clean, you need to load your dishes the right way. Bowls need to be placed on the top rack. Bowls in the back should be facing forward while the bowls in the front should face the back. Plates will receive a more thorough wash if they the center on the bottom rack.

Separating the Silverware by Type

Separating your silverware seems natural to make sure they’re easy to put away once the washing cycle is done. This is actually a bad idea since this can prevent the silverware from receiving a complete clean. The best way to make sure all your silverware is clean is to mix them all together. This can make putting them away later a bit of a hassle, but well worth it in the end.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re loading up your dishwasher. You won’t regret them.

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