What does Using the Hashtag App and Hulugram Mean for Society?


There is a great significance behind using the Hashtag App as a brand and as a consumer. Hashtags are taking the Internet by storm and the most popular hashtags increase a brand’s visibility. While a good portion of hashtags are used to coin phrases or “tag” trending topics, they are also used to identify brands in relation to controversy, new product introduction and brand specific news. Buying a hashtag through the Hashtag App gives you the power to use that hashtag to further increase online visibility and for brand identification purposes.


Strength in Brand Identity

With new brands being established everyday around the world, existing brands get lost in the shuffle. Excitement builds around new products, brands, trends and events. As more major brands use the Hashtag App and, when it is released on July 15, 2015, Hulugram for video sharing with hashtags, the opportunity to recreate and establish a hip, trend-following identity occurs. Consumers tend to follow brands that use online trends as it displays the brand’s ability to adapt to change well.

Easy Reference to Content


For consumers, hashtags are a way of easily identifying events, faux pas, specific content and specific brands. The easiest way to explain how hashtags significantly impact consumer content searches, the recent 2015 Academy Awards is a good example. The created hashtag, #2015AcademyAwards, can be placed into a search engine. All content related to this topic is displayed.

This easy reference and simplified search option helps consumers locate the information they want to read online much faster.

A tip for brands that purchase hashtags: Purchase hashtags for each piece of content, highlighting a trending topic or specific product. The brand gets more exposure this way.

Owning your Phrases

Brands copyright their name, catch phrases and mottos. This is important for identity purposes. However, brands may overlook the importance of owning hashtags of these same names, phrases and mottos. When a brand or consumer purchases a hashtag, they control how it is used. This also stops other brands and society from claiming ownership of a phrase or hashtag.

Increased Marketing Success and Revenues

When consumers see a hashtag, their eyes are immediately directed to read what it says. This also prompts them to search the hashtag and look for trending information regarding it. Consumers are interested in what their favorite brands are doing and highlighting changes or news with a hashtag is just what brands need to do in order to get that attention. This leads to more successful marketing campaigns and higher revenues for the highlighted product, service or brand as a whole.

Essentially, what purchasing hashtags with the Hashtag App means for brands and society is more exposure with easier to find content. Soon, hashtags will be more important than a website. Society will do more social media sharing of content and brands can track advertising campaigns easier. This is only scratching the surface of what a purchased hashtag and shared video with an attached hashtag can do for a brand’s overall online reputation and identity. The sky is the limit as to what hashtags you can create for your brand.


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