Too Much TV?

TV is awesome, hands down it’s the best. There are new shows and movies coming out everyday. These shows and movies are addicting, they show us these clips of shows that draws us in to become addicted months before they even start showing on television. There is no one on this planet that watches tv who can say that they only have one show. A TV addict is a TV addict, there is something on TV for everyone. So many shows comes out every season and every single year, can you imagine how much TV someone can watch. There are people who watch TV literally all day, and that’s not good at all.
Some people are so caught up on television that their lives are television. They are so caught up in characters lives on TV that’s that forget they are merely characters in a show. You can’t just stay locked on television watching other people live their lives, you have to get up and live yours. There are things that record your television shows for you while you’re out living your life. People have to remember we only have one life to live and watching too much TV during the day isn’t really living life. There is a difference between a few hours of TV compared to half a day or a full day of TV watching. People who are addicts have to seriously watch how much  TV watching they are doing.
Start to make a plan, if you just can’t help but to watch a little TV that’s fine. Monitor your actual TV time, if you’ve done nothing all day but watch TV that tells you right there you need to create a strict schedule. Too much TV is horrible, and coming off of watching so much TV as a habit isn’t easy. It can be easy to do something productive and then reward yourself by watching an hour of TV and continue to do that back to back. You would be amazed on how much you would get done.

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