Throwing a Cheap Party

Party’s are the best and they are a way of cutting lose and being able to relax. Some people make a big thing out of throwing them, because of how much they can be. They believe them to be pricey, but they really don’t have to be at all. The point of a party is to relax, and depending on the kind of party you plan on throwing they actually can be cheap if you know where to go and know how to be creative. If it’s a business party yes those can get expensive, but they don’t require much detail unless it’s meant to be fancy, then you might have a problem. A get together/party that’s meant to be fun, anything with fun in it can be cheap if you make it that way. It doesn’t have to look cheap just because it is cheap.
The dollar tree stores will be your all time best friend. There are so many things at the dollar tree that you can get for $1 for any party. They have disposable everything, and even if you want to use the real stuff, they got it. The dollar tree sells things in sets and bulk so the price of $1 for things is amazing. They have balloons, decorations, everything imaginable for a party. They sell food in tiny increments too, a party isn’t a dinner party it’s a party. You don’t to have huge meals, finger food will suffice. You have to really be creative with your party to shop here open your mind to possibilities. Save the liquor for Bevmos, that’s where you should spend the most money.
Throwing a party isn’t supposed to be havoc and stressful it’s supposed to be fun. If it’s causing you stress than its not a party, that completely defeats the purpose of the whole thing. There are ways of saving money, like if you can’t afford Bevmos require everyone who attends to bring a case of something whether it be beer, wine, or margaritas. That way you really have a variety of things people can drink without breaking your pockets and being stressed out.

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