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There are so many apps in the App Store, we utilize the games, but how about the apps that helps us out with our day to day lives. Since our generation is all about technology, much of what we need is in the App Store. To break it down further I’m speaking about daily reminders for doctors appointments, recipes for our families, meditation apps. There is literally an app for everything, there is nothing that you can’t find. It’s nice to be able to keep on in our lives using apps, seeing we are all most of the time stuck to our phones.
There are medical apps where we can talk to professional doctors when we happen to be on the run, and don’t have the time to stop at a doctors office. These medical doctors give us their full on opinions medically. This app is called Healthtap they offer a free trial so you can get a feel of how they do things. They have 3 options for communication, you can chat with them through video chat, over the phone, or by simply texting them through the actual app. What’s cool is through video chat they can look at your actual concern. Another great app, since we are slowly weening off using pen and paper, is the productivity apps. Apps that help you build up habits, they allow you to set up reminders and make notes inside the app. There are recipes apps, there are so many of these and even recipes for people looking to make quick meals that take 15-30 minutes, how convenient is that.
Apps are becoming more and more helpful to people everyday. There is almost nothing you can’t find, even Microsoft word is working on becoming more app friendly. The most high tech stuff is starting to be able to be handled 100% through our mobile devices.

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