Star Trek – Bridge Crew: Every Trekkie’s Dream Come True


There’s no doubt Star Trek has a massive following. What started out as a mere hour-long TV show in the late 1960’s; Star Trek has morphed into something much bigger than anyone ever thought it would be. Laying claim to multiple TV series and several movie titles over the last 30 years, Star Trek now adds another notch to its proverbial belt: a virtual reality game.

Ubisoft Opens the Doors of a Whole New World

One June 13, 2016, Ubisoft announced their intentions to release a new virtual reality game called Star Trek – Bridge Crew. The game, strictly virtual reality at this point, allows up to four players to interact with each other as they carry out missions aboard the newly commissioned starship U.S.S Aegis. Wearing VR headsets and using optional motion controls, players conduct duties in four roles: captain, engineer, helm and tactical. Each player has his or her own control panel that requires physical movement in order to activate the various controls and duties of a specific role. Throwing in some of your best Star Trek lingo makes it seem almost as if you’re actually on an episode of the show.

What to Expect and What’s to Come

Predicted to be a huge hit once it hits shelves in the fall, Star Trek – Bridge Crew has a few little surprises for fans. Here are some fun facts.

  • Bridge Crew started out as a VR experiment that wasn’t really supposed to get made. CBS loved the idea so much though, that they ran with it.
  • The bridge layout of Bridge Crew is a little different than starships in the past. Rather than having the front consoles facing forward, Bridge Crew shows them facing each other at a 45-degree angle to promote communication between players. The engineer is even on the bridge instead of in engineering for the very same reason.
  • There’s only four roles at launch, but word has it that more might be added later.
  • The Aegis’s saga begins with the ship and its crew on a mission to find a new home for the displaced residents of Vulcan.
  • Besides the default mission, players can create their own missions as well.
  • When the Aegis takes a beating during battle, players see physical damage in the form of flying sparks and fires.
  • Bridge Crew is strictly VR, but it does work with Xbox One instead of touch controllers.
  • Ubisoft is keeping a few secrets until the game’s launch. Each player’s console has some advanced features they aren’t revealing yet.
  • Although battle is a big part of the Bridge Crew game, it’s not the main part. Exploration missions and rescue missions are also a focus of the game. Ubisoft plans to reveal some more aspects of Star Trek – Bridge Crew later this year.

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