Three Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media


Social media is the best free way to advertise for business, and so many ventures don’t take advantage of all it has to offer. Some businesses fail to create social media sites to begin with and miss out on many opportunities, while some never get deep enough into social media practice for it to actually make a difference. There are ways to utilize social media to promote your business, and we’ve detailed a few of them here.

Link Pages in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

First thing’s first – if you want to utilize social media for business promotion, you better start by diving right in with the big dogs, the biggest names in social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These are your avenues to connect with the people you’re trying to sell to, so don’t neglect this process. You’ll want to create business pages within each specific platform, and you may or may not want to keep this separate from your personal pages, depending on your business.

Some people automatically become intimidated at the thought of keeping up with 3 different social media sites, so here’s a key element in maintaining them successfully: you have the option to link them! That way, when you post in Instagram, your Facebook and Twitter pages are automatically updated with your most recent Instagram post… no need to handle those pages separately. So create those pages, link those posts, and watch your content multiply.

Update and Interact with Your Audience

The brilliance behind the social media concept boils down to the ability to get up close and personal with your audience. If you don’t take advantage of that, you’re missing out. If people aren’t interested in what’s current with your business (to the hour), or in getting up-close and personal, they’ll venture to your web site, where things tend to stay the same for a while. If you don’t interact with your audience, if you don’t update frequently for them to see… there’s really no point. While you may get some attention, you can’t truly capitalize on social media until you’re interacting regularly with your audience – keeping them coming back for more.

Stay Current

Staying current is a vital part of promoting your business on social media, and can be done in a number of ways. First of all, stay current in what you’re posting, similar to updating your audience regularly. The news you share, the articles you post, the posts you put out there… it should all be relevant and current. Second of all, anticipate what’s next in order to keep a leg up on social media in general; don’t settle into a routine with social media and assume you’re set for life.

Social media trends come and go, and in order to be ahead of the curve, you need to stay current. For example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was the extent of social media at one time… they were all that mattered. Now? If you want to connect with the younger audience, and the bulk of people who are staying up on the latest, you’ll need to venture elsewhere, like to Periscope and Snapchat. Don’t let new things fall off your radar; you must stay current!

If you build pages in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you interact with your audience and you make an effort to stay current… your business promotion will be as seamless and easy as you ever dreamed it would be.

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