Pretty Little Liars’s Shush Secret


The Theme Song…

For years, Pretty Little Liars fans have dealt with plot twist after plot twist, death after death, and up until the latest episode, the hunt for the notorious stalker, A. One of the few last remaining ties to the show’s beginning roots has been the classic opening title sequence. Come on, all of us PLL fans should know that eerie, spine-tingling song, Secret by The Pierces.

What We Know About Season 6B…

This January takes the fans on a new mystery in the season 6B premiere! The upcoming season is a season of change, with the Liars’ coming home to Rosewood after a 5-year time jump from the latest summer finale. With new secrets to keep, and new lies to tell, one secret has already been let out of the box… For the first time ever, ABC Family (now re-named Freeform) is changing up the title sequence!

The Newest Secret…

Just as the girls have grown up, so has the opening sequence. With the new addition of Alison (Sasha Pieterse’s character) in the opening credits, all 5 girls are shown to have gone through a serious change in the five years. Come on, Spencer HAS BANGS!

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The biggest change yet is the famous finger to the the lip “shh” at the end of the opening credits, something that Lucy Hale had done for years.

This time, each of the Liars are getting their own moment to shush over the course of the next season, which we can all agree will be interesting to watch.

What We Can Expect From Season 6B…

With this major secret already revealed, we can only wait to see what other crazy changes the girls have gone through in the past five years. All we know currently is that Hanna is engaged, Alison married, and “He” is coming for Alison… I’m definitely crossing my fingers that the Liars haven’t mAke anymore enemies! Guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves in 2016!


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