New York Lawmakers Argue over ‘Billy Joel Blvd’


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Billy Joel? Not only is he the pride and joy of New York, he’s the Piano Man. There isn’t a single person in New York (or perhaps the world) who doesn’t know his name. Maybe you heard one of his records as a child, maybe you saw him in concert, or maybe you were lucky enough to shake his hand at some point.

No matter how you got to know Billy Joel for the first time, you can be rest assured that he’s left some kind of impact in your life. Now, and not surprisingly, a bill has been introduced into the New York Senate that would rename a stretch of Route 107 through Hicksville New York to ‘Billy Joel Boulevard’. It sounds like a great idea, but lawmakers are split, as some of them believe that they should actually wait until the singer…is dead.

Still Alive

It is true that this honor is usually reserved for artists and noteworthy people who have died, as the whole point is to remind future generations of their accomplishments, but everyone today is pretty much aware of who Billy Joel is and can recite the lyrics to ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ by heart. Though there are certainly those opposed to the decision, those in support would like to point out to the rest of us that Ed Koch, the former New York City Mayor and Hugh Carey, former Governor, were both alive and well when they had their respective stretches of road named after them. Yep, there’s definitely precedent, but is it going to be enough to change the minds of the lawmakers who are opposed? Most importantly, will it get the bill pushed through? It’s a long road, but it might just see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it has to make a stop in Nevada first.

Time to Remember

No matter what happens, this will certainly be a time to remember, and it will not last forever as New York lawmakers clash over the qualifications of an individual to be honored in such a manner. What is it going to take for Billy Joel to become a big shot once and for all? All we know for sure, is that there’s a lot of pressure to rename the road, and sometime in the future, we’ll probably find ourselves driving down Billy Joel Boulevard, at least for those of us who are lucky enough to grace the great city of New York.

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