How will the Hashtag App Work with Hulugram?


Hulugram is a video sharing app that is schedule for release on July 15, 2015. This app allows users to create and share videos right from their mobile devices. It is designed to be compatible with the Hashtag App. This makes finding specific video online much easier, thus gaining more views. For those with profitable YouTube accounts, using these two apps together can help boost your revenues when used together both properly and creatively.


Attach Hashtags to Videos before Sharing Online

Editing posts to include a hashtag or simple explanation after posting them online is frustrating. Sometimes, it is just a simple case of forgetfulness. When Hulugram rolls out in July, users will be able to attach necessary hashtags that they own directly to the video. One step is all it will take to post a captivating video with a designated hashtag.

Direct Attention to New Product Demonstrations

When a brand uses a hashtag, it is ideal to create and purchase an additional hashtag, such as #ThisProductVideo, for better search engine results. Including the product/service name along with a company acronym or shortened version plus the word video brings up the video directly in search engine results.

Consider this as a convenience for consumers that directly benefits your brand with increased revenues and trending popularity.

Create a Video about Upcoming Promotions with Hashtags Included

Use Hulugram in combination with the Hashtag App to introduce products, promotions and changes to your brand. Consumers are more likely to watch a short video than read an article. Visual stimulation while having audio present helps make a new product seem more exciting to the general public. This is also the case when they hear a directly spoken hashtag.

Using local news networks as an example, when they mention something along the lines of #Topic and then visit our website for more details, consumers go to that website and view the story. This tells the public what to search to find the content and where to find it. In most situations, it is also ideal to directly link readers or viewers to that content as well.

Videos are Easier to Find Online

One of the things that consumers find annoying when searching for videos online is that there are often multiples with the same titles. Millions of videos exist regarding every topic, so it is important to make yours stand out so it is seen and viewed by the general online community, regardless of their location in the world.

Incorporating the right hashtag with your video introduces the world to the re-branding of your company, new ventures and helps get them excited about new products that the brand plans to introduce in the near future.

Hulugram and the Hashtag App together revolutionizes the way that the world is introduced to content. Consumers are more likely to browse through an article that has a video attached to it. The content should simply brief the consumer while the video does the explaining. With your owned video content and owned hashtags, it makes it difficult for other brands to spoof your concepts, products and terminology used. This gives your brand more online power.



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