Good Morning, Delevingne


Cara Delevingne is not one to reckon with, a lesson Good Day Sacramento learned all too late. The Paper Towns star has received a widespread of attention following her interview with ‘Good Day Sacramento’ to publicize her film Paper Towns.

The interview began with the anchor Marianne McClary accidentally calling Delevingne, “Carla.” Apparently the actress did not like the new nickname as the rest of the interview turned into a series of awkward and sarcastic events that led up to her being told, “maybe get a Red Bull,” by McClary.
Clearly this anchor did not know how to deflate an argument which caused Mark Allen to jump in and try to steer the interview back on course. (Let’s all be honest though, this interview was sinking like the Titanic, and there was no going back.) With the remark by McClary still lingering in the air, Delevingne’s screen turned multi-colored, ending the morning chat.
But the interview didn’t stop there, and the anchors all wanted to put in a last few words on probably their most uncomfortable interview to date.
“She was in a MOOD!” McClary exclaimed to her fellow anchors. “Jeez Louise, everything sarcastic.”
Allen was not ready to excuse Delevingne’s behavior as moodiness, saying, “You make $5 million for six weeks worth of work, you can pretend to talk to ‘Good Day Sacramento’ with some oomph!”’
With her interview shaking social media, the interview had quite some aftershocks. Several celebrities took sides, one being childhood star Raven-Symone who commented, “I don’t know, you have to understand that every person has their day. You don’t know if she’s on her period.”
Blaming it on the period, we’ve all heard that one before, Raven.
Commenting in the midst of the frenzy was nonetheless then Cara Delevingne herself who, on Twitter, posted, “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour.”
No matter what our opinions on Delevingne are after this awkward interview, one thing still remains, no one will ever forget nor mispronounce the young actress’s name again. I only wonder what we can expect from this witty model as she makes her journey into acting. Let’s all hope she gets that Red Bull by her next interview.


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