Four Ways to Stream Netflix in your Home


I remember the old days when we had to actually get out of our chair or off the couch and actually walk to the television to change the channel. And I remember getting up early on Saturday just to watch my most favorite cartoons. You actually had to schedule your day around whatever show you wanted to watch because it only aired at a specific time on a specific day. Older people like me must look like hypocrites when we talk about technology controlling you these days! How soon we forget.

Now we have streaming services like Netflix. There don’t have any commercials and you can decide when and where to watch your favorite movies and shows. If you’re current with technology these days then you probably know how to stream Netflix, bit if not, here are 4 ways to stream Netflix in your home.

1.  Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles play the hottest and most cutting edge games, and they keep getting better. The newer hardware comes with a higher price tag every few years. They’re used for more than video games, however, because they play movies and stream shows anytime you want. Netflix is one of the streaming services that can be accessed through a video game console. It’s easy to set up.and it doesn’t have to be a brand new system, either, so that cuts down on the price. That is one of the things that make video game consoles on of the best options for streaming Netflix in your home.

2. Computer

Many of your are reading this on a computer. Computers are ubiquitous these days and it seems like everyone has one. Local internet speeds can help determine the quality of the content you receive from Netflix. Getting a higher speed connection over 10Mbps is ideal if it is an option available to you. If not, you can still enjoy your programs on Netflix, but the picture might not be as sharp. Getting to Netflix is as easy as clicking on or typing in If you log in there, you’ll have access to Netflix’s full library of exciting movies and full seasons of TV shows. Bookmark the page now so you can go visit it later. Oh, wait. Who am I talking to? You’re already on their website.

3. Tablets and Phones

Your smartphone may can do more things than you’ve imagined. Sure, you can call people (it’s a phone), video chat with them, and play games and applications. But that little device can also stream Netflix too. Head on over to the Google Play store and you can download the Netflix app for free. If you have an iPhone you will want to use iTunes to find the free to download app. The process is the same if you have a tablet that can access the internet. You have the power to watch Netflix in the palm of your hand.

4. Digital Media Players

There are plenty of companies out there that have inexpensive devices that stream Netflix in your home. Apple, Amazon, and Roku are the biggest names in the digital media player business. The boxes are inexpensive and unobtrusive once connected to the television. A lot of times, you’ll even find a digital media player already installed into a new television! The salesman should be able to answer any questions about the differences between the devices and if they have a subscription fee but every single one of them have the capability to stream Netflix in your home.

It’s amazing that we’ve gone from the old cathode ray televisions with the manual controls to watching your show in the palm of your hand. There are many different ways to access Netflix and if you’re like me, you’ll probably end up doing all the above.

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