Four Items You Didn’t Know Your Kitchen Was Missing


Just when you think you have everything you need, you hear about some newfangled kitchen gadget that leaves you wanting more. On a hunch, you run to your local mall, pick up the gadget, and it ends up sitting in your cabinet for the next four months. How are you to know what you really need, and what you are better off skipping? We’ve compiled a helpful list detailing four items that you didn’t know your kitchen was missing.


How come whenever you can’t decide on dinner, pasta is your go-to option? It’s because it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s fast. The problem? With the rising level of issues associated with gluten and simple carbohydrates, it’s hardly the best thing for you to be eating regularly. That’s why the Spiralizer is one gadget that, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. You can buy two or three zucchini’s just as cheaply as a box of noodles, spiralize them in minutes, and have the best “zasta” you’ve ever had, all without sacrificing your time, money or health.

Instant Pot

Crock pots have made a solid name for themselves over the years, have they not? Well, meet the newest pot that’s making a name for itself – the instant pot. The instant pot is essentially a crock pot that uses steam and extremely high heat to cook foods nearly in an instant. Things like raw chicken cook in an average of 7-10 minutes, and come out moist, as if it’s been slow cooking all day. The instant pot is definitely something you shouldn’t do without.

Freezer Bags and an Air Vacuum

Everyone by now knows that cooking in bulk and freezing for a later date is where it’s at in terms of efficiency in the kitchen. It just takes a little planning ahead and can save you loads of time and money down the road. How often, though, does food get stashed in the freezer and forgotten about? A few months go by, and by the time you reach for the freezer, desperate to find something stored, you discover a freezer burned roast. No good. That’s where freezer bags with air vacuums can make all the difference in the world. This simple gadget will extend the life of your frozen goods significantly… that roast that went bad after two months in a regular zip lock bag will last upwards of five in an air tight bag.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast irons can be intimidating to the chef who’s not really sure what to do with one, but once you learn the tricks of the trade, you’ll love yours for years and years to come. The premise behind a cast iron is to never wash it with soap, allowing it to collect seasoning after each use. For example, fry a few pieces of bacon in the morning, use the same skillet to hold some homemade cinnamon buns the next morning – you’ll love the sweet and savory results.

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