Five Siri Tricks you Never Knew About


When Siri was introduced during 2011 by Apple, it had limited functionalities. But the company focused on improving the functionality of this digital assistant by adding more features. Let us now look at some of the tricks many folks may not know about.

1. Checking Twitter with Siri can be unimaginably quick

If you have a number of people to follow on Twitter but are interested to instantly know what a specific person is saying on it, you can ask Siri what the particular person is saying on his or her Twitter account. Siri will instantly let you know the 10 recent tweets. Siri can understand Twitter names also.

2. Siri can help in taking a selfie

You can use Siri for taking a selfie for which you must open the camera app of your iPhone and just instruct Siri to carry out the command of taking a selfie.

3. Do not know the song that is playing? Siri can help

If you do not know the song that is playing, you can rely upon Siri. You have to just ask “What is this song?” Siri will take the help of Shazam without your knowledge and tell you the song.

4. Get the synopses of movie plots

If you are curious to know about a popular new movie, you can ask Siri for plot synopsis by telling the movie name. You can know the score of the movie also along with links to well-written reviews. There are “Buy”, “Rent”, etc. buttons also for taking the next step on the iTunes Store.

5. If a plane is flying overhead, you can know what plane is that

If you want to know the planes that are flying overhead, you can ask Siri which will immediately identify your location, map it taking into account the flight database and come out with the information about the flights. Wolfram Alpha is powering this feature.


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