Facebook Users Are Not Happy About the Messenger Update


There is no doubt that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network.  It has over a billion users and has proven to be a great way to keep in touch with people.  It is also an invaluable business tool that has helped launch and boost companies all over the world.  Facebook beautifully merged onto mobile platforms which further added to its appeal and frequency of use.  Selfies, special events, business marketing, bloggers, and scores of other users fully embraced Facebook on mobile devices to meet their needs and stay in touch on the go.

Yet Facebook has seen many changes and updates over the years, including updates to the interface and privacy settings which have proven to be inconvenient, and intrusive to some users.  A popular feature in Facebook is its instant messenger.  For non-mobile users this is a feature found in the main program and even on mobile platforms it was also available in the primary app-until now.

Facebook is removing the instant messenger feature from its main mobile app which, in turn, is forcing people to upgrade, install, and switch over to Facebook Messenger.  This decision has proved to be controversial with a lot of users complaining that instead of controlling their device it is controlling them.  Though Facebook is claiming this will give users a “better experience”, it certainly does not benefit mobile hardware as a person has to use two apps instead of one and both of these apps are resource hogs.  In fact, several people have uninstalled the Facebook app and use it only via a web browser to save battery life.  And in all honesty, Messenger alone will also drain down your battery quick.

The other controversy about Messenger being forced on people is that this is yet another method of “data mining” to find out as much about users as possible.  This is more than an inconsiderate concern for privacy advocates and does raise questions about company overreach.  At the same time, this merge is very good news for messenger, who has watched its users jump from 200 million to 900 million in just two years.  Add on being the default messenger client for Facebook’s 1.09 billion daily users, you have a powerhouse and Facebook further cements itself as the king of social media.  Messenger can also monetize its platform, and when you add in the scores of Facebook users, that means massive potential profits for the company.

For people who do not want to use Messenger and preserve hardware resources, options are out there.  The Facebook Lite app is exactly that:  a faster, leaner version of Facebook that uses far less resources.  If you have recently upgraded your Facebook app and, to your chagrin, are “stuck” with Messenger, just uninstall the update and turn off the automatic updates for the app itself.  However, it will not be surprising if a day comes that users must utilize Messenger and can no longer dodge using the extra app.


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