Did You Know? Pretty Little Liar’s Edition: The New VillAin



A Was Revealed

For years, PLL fans have seen the 4 Liars’ battle with an anonymous stalker in an all-out war, consisting of threatening texts, car-chases, horse attacks, and being trapped in a life-size dollhouse. Ending the game, the villain, “A”, was finally revealed to the audience as the suspicious and always disappearing character Cece Drake — a.k.a. Charles DiLaurentis.

The New Big Bad

Not much is known about the new “Big Bad” villain except that they are much worse in comparison to the past “A”.

I know, we’re all thinking it, what can be worse than spending your senior year being mowed down by cars, arrested for every murder in your town, and locked in a freezer in an ice-cream plantation? Surely this new villain has a huge shoe to fill.

Sasha Pieterse, the actress behind Alison DiLaurentis, spilled to MTV News: …This is a whole new animal. This new villain has a whole new motive – and it’s really deadly.”

November News

We can only imagine what the new villain has in store for the Liars as we await the premiere in January. However, ABC — now Freeform — has a special sneak peek for PLL fans coming this month! The special gives us a preview into the Liars’ current lives, 5 years following the season 6A finale, and we can only hope that the preview will tell us more about the newest angry resident in Rosewood.


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