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Social media is the driving force behind many businesses today – a wonderful truth when you consider the fact that most of it is completely free! Facebook has taken the world by storm since its start in the early 2000s, and has become an irreplaceable staple for many businesses for connecting with their target audience. All that to say… if you have a business, whether it be a start-up or a well established venture, you’re missing out if you don’t have a Facebook page. Don’t get overwhelmed if you consider Facebook just one more thing to take away your time, because creating a page is actually very easy. Here’s some instructions for you on how you can get it done today.

Choose a Classification

When you go to the Facebook homepage, you’ll be prompted to create a page using some vital classification information. Classify your page by selecting from one of the six options: local business or place; company, organization or institution; brand or product; artist, band, or public figure; entertainment; and cause or community.

Pick Your Name

Once you’ve selected the right classification, you’ll want to carefully select the name for your Facebook business home page. Keep in mind that Facebook will allow you to change your business name only one time, and that process can be tedious – so choose carefully!

Input Basic Information

The next part should be the easy part for you! Facebook will walk you through four basic sections that will complete the logistical aspects of your page – things like contact information, an “about” section, and a profile picture. Make sure your “about me” is relevant to the business, attractive to the audience, and contains a link to your actual web site.

Hold Off On Inviting Likes

Now that your Facebook page is up and running, Facebook will prompt you to invite people to “like” it. While you may be tempted to do this immediately, it’s always best for business to wait on this until you’re actually ready for people to browse the page, until you have content posted.

Post Great Content

You need to post some great content before you invite people to like your page, but how do you do that? Posts can consist of either plain text status updates, photos with captions, links with captions, videos with captions, event pages and location check-ins. As a business, you’ll want to use a variety of these to grab everyone’s attention. Always keep in mind what it is that you want your audience to see before posting!

Watch Your Growth

One of the things that makes Facebook great for business marketing is the fact that they’ve built in ways to measure growth. The “insights” button at the top of your Facebook business profile should show you the following: an overview, number of likes, number of people you’ve reached, and number of people who’ve visited your page. This is an excellent resource to use when you’re wanting to track what posts get you the most attention, and for curtailing future posts utilizing the same tactics.

Don’t miss out on an outstanding business tool by skipping a Facebook business page! It’s too easy to say no and can make the world of difference, so check it out today!

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