Adam Rose Suspended by the WWE for Domestic Violence


Adam Rose is a WWE star who was arrested on Wednesday morning in Hillsborough County, Florida. His arrest occurred a couple of days after he publicly protested his recent suspension from the WWE previous.

Rose, his real name is Raymond Leppan, was booked at 3:30 am on a Wednesday. He was charged with battery domestic violence and tampering with a witness according to Leppan’s public arrest report. Leppan made his debut in NXT in 2012. He was able to move up to Raw in 2014, but was suspended for sixty days in April due to his second violation with the WWE’s Talent Wellness Policy.

False Accusation?

Leppan on the other hand claimed he was innocent and he had not violated the WWE’s rules knowingly. Later he even produced a doctor’s note stating he had been prescribed and had been taking medication to treat ADHD. Leppan also wrote he wanted to provide for his family.

“My family and I are still collecting ourselves from this blow. I have zero anger or animosity against the WWE. But feel the administrators over the WWE Wellness policy were just simply not right in taking this action. I feel facts are the facts and my family and I will be the ones putting our lives back together after this mess.”

Violation of the Rules on Purpose?

Leppan claims he did not violate the WWE’s Wellness Policy knowingly. While he may not have knowingly violated them, the rules were still violated. The WWE, according to its own policy, does have to enforce it and reprimand Leppan accordingly for the violation. The entire WWE Wellness Policy can be found here. We did take a quick look over it and the Wellness Policy covers many health aspects in relation to the WWE.

The Wellness Policy set in place by the WWE is to ensure the health of their athletes comes first. Leppan may have no meant to violate the policy, but he may have been putting his own health at risk too. Perhaps it’s better in the long run for the WWE to have suspended him when they knew about the violation? While Leppan is probably not pleased with the decision, it’s still better for his own health too.

Not many details have been released about Leppan’s domestic violence and tampering with a witness charge. We will probably hear more details as the week progresses to see how everything plays out. Leppan may end up facing some time in a jail cell if he continues down his current path. There is also the rumor he may be permanently suspended from the WWE, but there is no way to confirm at this point if it’s true or not.

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