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While cable is wonderful to have, cable is becoming more and more expensive everyday. Comcast is the best, and they offer On Demand which besides their wifi services is one of their best features. Some people are starting to just purchase wifi services from companies like Comcast, and just purchase subscriptions through Hulu and Netflix. These two are streaming platform companies that get permission to run shows and movies. They have thousand of titles running on both platforms on a monthly basis. Basically everything you find on cable you can find on Netflix or Hulu. The best part about is they are both $7.99 to start with, Netflix gives a few more options to its customers for viewing purposes.
With information like this people would easily drop cable and try these two companies out. Hulu immediately puts new shows on the day after they start airing, so you can keep up with all of your new seasons of shows. For example Grey’s Anatomy comes on Thursday’s at 8pm, the very next day Hulu adds the new episode in to be viewed. Netflix does it little differently they wait for shows complete season to be over in order to ask for the right of the show so that it can be streamed through them. Good news though, Netflix keeps all the seasons so binge watching is 100 possible through Netflix.
Both of these streaming companies have something to offer. They also seem like a way better alternative than paying nearly $100 a month for cable tv, why not just go through Hulu if you hate waiting. All you need to start using Netflix and Hulu is wifi service and that’s it. It doesn’t get easier than that, why not try it out. They both have unlimited movies and shows to go through.

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